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Form 1099G for Unemployment Compensation - Information and Resources

The California Employment Development Department (EDD) recently released new information and resources to help individuals who received a Form 1099G for unemployment compensation, as these payments must be reported on the individual’s state and federal tax returns. Note: Unemployment Insurance benefits are not taxable for California’s State Income Tax.

Are you a victim of fraud?

Individuals who receive a Form 1099G but did not file a claim for benefits and think that someone filed a claim using their name, address, or Social Security number are encouraged to notify the EDD through Ask EDD by selecting the Form 1099G category. Visit Help Fight Fraud to learn more about how to identify, report, and prevent identity theft. Once fraud has been verified, the EDD will issue a corrected Form 1099G.


The new Form 1099G information center provides information on the Form 1099G and ho

w to request a copy if needed. Other materials include answers to frequently asked questions, a video about How to Access Tax Information using UI Online (YouTube), and a printable one-page guide (PDF) to use as a helpful handout.

A designated helpline is also available during regular business hours at 1-866-401-2849 for individuals who do not agree with the information on their Form 1099G or believe they have been victim of fraud.

For additional information on the Form 1099G, please refer to Department’s press release (PDF)

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